Addresses of bodies that bring the legal world closer to you and with which Bergós Law firm has an ongoing contact.




Public administration
Official bodies
Official journals
Financial Press

Administració pública

Ministry of the Economy and Inland Revenue

National Statistical Institute

Tax Office

Ministry of Justice

Generalitat (Catalan Regional Government)

Barcelona City Council

Girona City Council

Lleida City Council

Tarragona City Council

Madrid City Council

Bilbao City Council

València City Council

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Official bodies

Bank of Spain

Barcelona Stock Exchange

Madrid Stock Exchange

National Securities Exchange

General Council of Law Practitioners

Illustrious Bar of Barcelona

Illustrious Bar of Madrid

Professional Association of Property
and Commercial Registrants of Spain

Court of Arbitration of Barcelona

Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona

Chamber of Commerce of Madrid

International Chamber of Commerce

Patents and Trademarks Office

Intellectual property office


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University of Barcelona

University of Girona

University of Lleida

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Ramon Llull University

Open University of Catalunya

Polytechnic University of Catalunya

Pompeu Fabra University

International University of Catalunya

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Official Journals

Official Journal of the State (BOE)

Official Journal of the Generalitat (DOGC)

Official Journal of the European Union

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Financial press

Cinco Días


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Catalan Coordinator of Foundations

Spanish Association of Foundations

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