In 2004 the Firm was awarded a prize by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona to celebrate its 75th Anniversary. Since its foundation, it has become a multidisciplinary office, especially dedicated to areas of Law directly related to people, non profit-making organisations and the business sector.

The Law Firm
The professionals




The Law Firm

Ongoing training

Set up in 1929 as a company specialised in Commercial and Civil Law, the Bergós Law firm has evolved over time, adapting to changes in the legal framework and the needs of society, and therefore those of its clients.

Although they all have a well-founded professional experience and specialised training, all the members of the firm constantly update their knowledge.


Its portfolio of clients includes associations, foundations, companies and national and international bodies from the main industrial and commercial sectors and the charity sector.

The firm is also specialised in providing complete legal advice for major events (Forum of Cultures Barcelona 2004, International Exhibitions, Olympic Games, etc.).

As well as serving organisations, the firm is also experienced in dealing with individuals, especially in matters relating to taxation, property, commerce and inheritance.

Compromise and dedication

The most important thing to Bufet Bergós is service to their clients. Quality is guaranteed thanks to Bufet Bergós´ specialised professionals who are highly qualified in efficiency, independence and reliance.

Quality advice

Full and comprehensive treatment is given to all matters, which are examined from all possible angles, from the general to the specific, from the legal to the economic.
One of its defining characteristics is the speed and flexibility of its service, providing immediate high-quality responses to the needs of the clients.
The Bergós Law firm works hand in hand with the most prestigious firms to resolve specific issues related to the cases it handles, but in which it does not have expert knowledge.
The quality is guaranteed by experience, ongoing training, a tailor-made service and the will to serve.

The professionals

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